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Who We Are

Who We Are

iOncoCare takes as a target to promote and to spread the knowledge in the field of the symptomatic treatment and patients support with cancer. Promote knowledge about the care of the symptoms of the disease, as well as knowledge about the treatment of the side effects produced by the treatments and the techniques used against the cancer.

Core Values

  • iOncoCare is in solidarity with injustice and supports people’s humanity.
  • iOncoCare respects diversity.
  • iOncoCare Unconditionally supports knowledge to alleviate people’s suffering.
  • iOncoCare supports any expert from any science or culture field who strives to achieve the same objective values of the association

That is why I invite you to be part of this project and to contribute your knowledge and emotional intelligence with the intention of bridging the distance that separates us from cancer patients.


FROM Nov-2019 TO Sept-2020