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Authors Regulations

Authors Regulations

Dear Colleague;

 You are receiving this email because at some point you have been invited and have shown your interest in participating as an author in the THEMATIC INDEX for the FIRST  INTERNATIONAL  COMPENDIUM  IN CANCER CARE AT RWE.

Please read the chapter selection rules carefully so that you can be an active part of our project:

 Chapter Selection Standards

You will briefly receive the final index of the manual. In this index you must select 3 chapters in which you would like to be first author and another 3 in which you could be co-author. The Editorial committee will assign you one of the three chapters you’ve selected. You can be the first author in a chapter and co-author of 3.

On September 12, at 16 hours (Spain) we will be able to attend two sessions on streaming. The first Webinar in which we will be reminded of the criteria of recommendation and evidence, as well as the criteria of research and publication with real-world data. They will also teach us bibliometry criteria. Then, a session in which we will discuss the dynamics of the work of the manual, is the assignment of authors and co-authors and responsibility, calendar, format and publication of the manual…

It would be very interesting if from now on you sent us your questions or questions to prepare the answers.

So far, we have 206 candidates from 12 countries and 145 hospitals among specialist doctors, residents, nurses and related professions, all focused on the cancer patient.

Given the large number of authors and the Editorial Committee has decided that specialist doctors or “senior” professionals will have preference as the first authors of the different chapters. Residents will, at the first, be co- authors.

The main decision criterion for the attribution of authors to the chapters will be the order of arrival of the emails to our committee; therefore, the choice is competitive, the later you express your interest the less likely you are that your first option can be satisfied. This is why haste in your choice is a priority.

The editorial committee limits the number of chapters and the number of co-authors. With the intention of not accumulating co-authors in a few chapters, we may suggest changing chapters as co-author.

You can also decide to give up being the first author and be a candidate to co-author 3 chapters of your choice. Then send us this preference by replying to this email with this information.

If you have not been able to select a chapter as the first author, the Editorial Committee will allow you to register in 3 chapters as a co-author.

In this way each author will participate in a chapter as the first author and may participate in 3 chapters as co-author or, if desired, may participate only in 3 chapters as co-author.

The number of participants in each chapter will depend on the number of candidates and will be determined by the Editorial Committee, if applicable, for a correct distribution of the participants.